Plasmatronics PL20/20 Dingo 12-48V 20A Regulator

Plasmatronics PL20/20 Dingo 12-48V 20A Regulator

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The Dingo 20/20 is the next generation charge controller from Plasmatronics. It inherits many of the best features of the PL series of controllers. But, thanks to our extensive industry experience and a wealth of customer feedback, we think the Dingo 20/20 is in a class of its own.


  • Reliable, easy to understand, one button interface and proven, easy to learn menu structure.
  • Symmetrical charge and load currents, both 20A.
  • Industry standard four stage charging regime.
  • 12,24,32,36 and 48V selectable. Only one controller to stock.
  • Unbeatable high temperature performance. Full charge and full load current, without interruption to operation, in a 50oC ambient. All day, every day.
  • Fast, reliable, affordable, Plasmatronics Service, long after the long warranty has expired.


Negative Ground. This makes it much easier to use in vehicles and easier to understand for people used to working with vehicle systems. The Dingo works well everywhere, but shines in campervans, motor homes, caravans, cars, trucks and boats.
New Communications Bus. This rugged new bus uses the MODBUS protocol (industrial automation standard proven in noisy environments). Aside from accessories you would expect for a PL descendant like shunt adaptors and data interface units, it is also compatible with Modular System Components. This gives unprecedented flexibility in system design.
More Data Storage. 512 days worth of data can be stored. That's 16 Months worth of Charge and Load Ah, Battery voltage range, and daily State of Charge. Data for 99 days is accessible via the display so if you don't have a computer, you're not locked out.
Enhanced one button interface. Now includes Reverse gear for when you want to go backwards and Fast Forward for when you need to set a very large number (e.g. a large battery Ah capacity.)
LED backlighting Makes the display readable in any light conditions.
Hidden Wiring. All the wires are covered. Wiring to the unit can be kept out of sight inside the wall or behind the mounting panel. This makes for a clean installation. The user gets the access they want without making their living space into a distribution board. Especially valuable in mobile applications.
More terminals. A terminal for every wire. Wiring is simpler and quicker. External electrical commoning points or busbars are not needed and it is easy to understand where the wires should go.
Generator Terminals. Voltage free contacts, as required by many generator start systems, are now included in the basic controller.
Accessories. The Accessories available so far include shunt adaptors (DSA) and two different data adaptors (DUSB and D232).
  • The DSA reads external charge or load currents. You can use up to 4 per system.
  • The DUSB provides a USB interface to a computer.This allows the user to download all the data from the controller and change settings if required.
  • The D232 provides an RS232 interface (DTE) designed for remote computer access via a modem.


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