Southwest Windpower


Powering the Way to a More Responsible Future

In 1987, Southwest Windpower was created with a fairly modest goal: to create a small, reliable, battery-charging wind generator to complement solar energy systems powering rural areas of the world.

To realize their vision, David Calley and Andy Kruse, the company founders, modified a Ford alternator to create their first wind generator, the Windseeker®.

Fast forward seven years, and the company introduced its AIR series turbines, which were produced and shipped to more than 100 countries and became the best-selling battery-charging wind turbine in history.

From Modest Beginnings to Becoming a Worldwide Leader in Personal Wind Solutions

Today, Southwest Windpower continues in its pursuit of innovation.

From our early beginnings creating wind energy systems for rural areas served by power companies, to our growing production of Skystream systems to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for those on the power grid, we’re continually moving forward to push the boundaries of clean, efficient, sustainable wind energy use in every corner of the world.

Think there’s nothing you can do to decrease your family’s environmental impact on the world? As of December 19, 2010 Southwest Windpower Skystream customers have generated enough wind energy to offset about 15,300 tons of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of 37,820,278 miles not driven in a car because our customers used clean wind energy instead of utility-generated energy.


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