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Solar inverters

About All Natural Energy

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  • We take a personal interest & pride in all of our work & personally design, supply & install your solar system for you. All Natural Energy offers a smooth running, simple & professional installation process. Our customers have the ease & comfort of dealing with the one company throughout the entire installation. 
  • All Natural Energy is an environmentally focused family business, we believe in what we do & have a grid system on our own home—we practice what we preach!
  • We are a locally based small family business and each customer is important to us and not just another number! In recent years we have seen a lot of fly by night companies come into the industry and offer cheap prices, inferior products and a rushed installation job. Cheaper is not better—cheaper means cheaper quality silicon and quicker installations. Unfortunately we have seen a number of installations in the local area where the customer has opted for the "Cheaper" system and are now paying the price. We have seen a number of installations with poor quality workmanship - such as uneven panel mounting, no securing of panel cables and missing safety equipment. Remember a solar power system is a long term investment and so needs to last! We can guarantee we will take the time to install your system correctly and will not take shortcuts!DSC 0006 reduced
  • We have been operating continually for over 18 years in the Hawkesbury area & are dedicated to be in the industry for many years to come—we are here for the long haul, not just to get a quick buck while the rebates last! If we did not offer good quality service and products we would be long gone by now! We have seen a lot of fly by night companies come and go and their customers have unfortunately been left out in the cold. We are glad to say we are still here (10 years and counting!) to help our customers with upgrades and any problems.
  • We only install the highest quality products from long standing and reliable manufacturers. We source all of products from well known industry leaders that are here for the long term to honor warranties and offer sales support. We do not encourage the sales of cheap no name brands which may be gone in a few years.
  • We are proud to say our panels are made by Suntech & Trina & offer a 25 year warranty. Suntech is renowned for their commitment to excellence & reliability in the solar industry. Suntech panels were derived through Australian technology & research and are among the leading manufacturers of solar panels in the world today.
  • Our inverters are made in Germany by SMA and have a 5 year warranty with an option to extend this to 10 years. SMA are a long standing and well known and trusted brand in the solar industry. SMA inverters are all weatherproof so our customers are not subject to additional cost for inverter enclosures as seen in other brands.
  • We assist all of our customers with government rebates & promptly carry out all of the necessary paperwork for you. We are happy to take the rebate amount off the price and charge the customer the balance! This saves the customer waiting months to get paid!
  • We have CEC accreditation for both grid connect & stand alone power systems & operate under an electrical contractors license through the Dept of Fair Trading.
  • We go out of our way to offer friendly and personalised customer service and the highest quality workmanship.

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Servicing All Sydney Suburbs. 

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