80 Watt  Symmetry Lightweight Folding Solar Module Kit

80 Watt Symmetry Lightweight Folding Solar Module Kit

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Symmetry Lightweight Folding Solar Kit SY-LWM Series

The new range of Symmetry Lightweight Folding solar panels are ideal power source to charge 12V batteries used for camping, caravanning, boating and all recreation activities where alternative power sources is not available. The solar cells are mounted on an ultra-lightweight yet sturdy fibreglass backing with long life ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) coating. These panels are then mounted in a lightweight aluminium frame with protective corners to provide additional strength and adjustable legs allow you to tilt the module at the optimum angle. The 12-volt 10 amp regulator is already pre-wired and just requires you to select the type of battery, with sealed, gel and flooded options. There is 3 metres of cable with quick disconnect provided by Anderson-style connectors, and heavy-duty battery clamps.


  • Ultra-lightweight - less than half the weight of equivalent glass folding panels
  • Super sturdy - made fibreglass back solar cells in an aluminium frame 
  • 10 amp regulator - with integrated USB charging socket 
  • Soft bag - to keep everything together during transportation.

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