Portable Solar Panels

Portable panels are a great alternative to having a fixed panel array and are ideal for such applications as a camping set-up or holidaying with your vehicle or motorhome.

One of the main benefits of using a portable panel system in place of a fixed array is that it gives you the option to park your van or motorhome in the shade whilst your panel array sits in the sun. You are given the freedom to move your panel throughout the day to take advantage of the moving sunlight as the day progresses, which will increase the output of your solar panel.

Portable panels also offer the customer the option to pack up your system when you are away from your campsite which will leave it less prone to theft.

We have a number of various types of portable panel sizes to suit a variety of needs.

Just clamps straight onto your battery.

Made to order using quality components.

Minimum 100a/h deep cycle battery required.

* Figures are based on Sydney's annual sun figures of 5 peak sun hours per day for a fixed panel and 8 peak sun hours per day for a panel following the sun.

Prices do not include delivery.

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80 Watt Portable Solar Module

80 Watt Portable Solar Module

$165.00 Ex Tax:$150.00

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